Day 26 – 10 Netlfix Documentaries for People Who Would Rather Read

(This post is part of the 30 for 30 Challenge).

Today’s post is Buzzfeed inspired.  That is, I’m giving you a glorified list of things.

A little over three years ago I cancelled my cable (part of my path towards financial freedom), and decided I would read more.  Even though most evenings I would rather spend curled up with a good book, like anyone else, I still enjoy the occasional Netflix evening – minus the “and chill” part.

What I don’t like, however, is the endless scrolling through the infinite choices of things I’ve never heard of, or worse.  Passing over gems like Sharknado and Zombeavers, one can easily become discouraged and reconsider that book. But in most cases, the addiction of scrolling simply continues ad infinitum.

Not to worry.  I can save you the scrolling. Here are ten documentaries currently available on Netflix streaming that you won’t regret spending time wathcing on a Friday evening at home: Continue reading “Day 26 – 10 Netlfix Documentaries for People Who Would Rather Read”

Day 24 – Black Mirror : A Look at our Dystopian Future Selves

I may be a little late coming to this, but the British show Black Mirror, currently streaming on Netflix, is one of the best pieces of dramatic social commentary I’ve seen in some time.

In this anthology series, each episode tells a different story from the perspective of a not-so-distant future “us” that has somehow allowed certain technologies to progress to their logical, albeit dystopian and destructive conclusions. Continue reading “Day 24 – Black Mirror : A Look at our Dystopian Future Selves”

Day 19 – What Every Politician is the Master of…

(This post is part of the 30 for 30 Challenge)

At the start of every political election year, I like to remind myself that most of what I am about to hear coming out of the mouths of political candidates is a very pure and refined form of bullshit. Bullshit is a term that has been in the lexicon for quite some time, and it is a word that is thrown around quite haphazardly. “Don’t bullshit me!”, we often exclaim. But what is bullshit, really?

To remind myself of the meaning of this word, and in a biannual effort to cope with the piles of it heaped upon my years every election year, it has become a tradition of mine during this time to read a very short, and poignant book called On Bullshit, by Harry G. Frankfurt.  This taut, well argued little book, wastes no words in getting at the crux of the matter, all while maintaining a tinge of humor. Continue reading “Day 19 – What Every Politician is the Master of…”

Day 16 – Three Essential Books to Achieving Happy Relationships

(This post is part of the 30 for 30 Challenge).

In my continuation of book-themed posts, here are three books (sometimes all you need is three) that get at the crux of our relations with other human beings.  Whether it be romantic or platonic, familial or collegial, these three books will give you valuable insight and understanding of yourself in the context of your relations with others. Continue reading “Day 16 – Three Essential Books to Achieving Happy Relationships”

Day 14 – Five Books that Will Make you an Informed Citizen

There are books that change our lives and our world views, and then there are books that are equally great, but in a different way. There are books that are almost like text books, but text books you actually want to read. Their information is not only valuable to a functioning society, but to the continuation and furthering of knowledge for every person. Our mainstream media is failing us today as the Fourth Estate, intended to inform the public and help make for an educated electorate.  A healthy democracy is not possible otherwise.

These five books make up where the media fails in this area: Continue reading “Day 14 – Five Books that Will Make you an Informed Citizen”

Day 13 – Five Books that Changed How I View the World

(This post is part of the 30 for 30 challenge).

Anyone who is even a moderate reader has at least one book that they can point to and say, “That book changed my life.”, or, “That book completely changed the way I view the world.” These are the stories that stick with us; the universal messages that shape who we are as individuals and our world view.

Here are the books that had that impact on me: Continue reading “Day 13 – Five Books that Changed How I View the World”