Hello!  My name is Zack. Thanks for stopping by to read some of my musings!

This blog has morphed into many things since its inception in the 2009.  It started off as a way to form my thoughts during graduate school on issues pertaining to arts management, and a little later as a jumping off point for exploring ideas related to my master’s thesis.

Now that I am upstanding citizen with a decent job and mountains of student loan debt, I write as a way to share ideas, reviews, asides, lists, etc., on subjects that, I hope, make visitors to my blog a bit more curious and inspired than when they first started reading.

The name Uncommon Correlations reflects the type of subject matter I find most interesting in the world.  Namely, topics and ideas that tend to be less mainstream, straightforward, intuitive, or usual.

I also write at Medium.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. This blog has been an incredible resource, as I am in the midst of writing my undergrad senior thesis about the status of Opera in 21st century New York City. It has been wonderful to read such fleshed out and articulate ideas about topics that are so close to my heart. Thanks so much!



  2. Please send me your e-mail address so that I can add you to Larry Bronwlee’s distribution list. I am his Press Representative and read your blog with the lovely mention of him.

    Thank you.



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