30 for 30 Challenge

A few weeks ago, I sat discussing over pizza with a good friend about the multitude of reasons why I couldn’t seem to make a consistent habit out of writing.  I insisted there just simply wasn’t enough time in the day (or brain power) to consistently flesh out well crafted, well researched blog posts.  Not to mention, the ever nagging insecurities that plague even the most talented and accomplished of writers, let alone us “weekend warrior” writers.

Whenever I would get an itch or inkling to write, I would always be plagued by the same internal questions: What EXACTLY should I write about?  Why should I write about it?  Why should anyone care? Why does my opinion matter on the subject?  Why do I feel the need to write?  All of these thoughts would continually creep into my head until, as if by clockwork, I would decide that I was just simply too tired, too hungry, too busy, or too ignorant of the issues to start to write anything.  Next I knew, it would be midnight, and I would still be on the couch re-watching season 1 of Breaking Bad.  I mean, there are just so many hidden Easter Eggs in that show, I just HAD to re-watch the whole series from the beginning, right?!

Well, after a while of this carrying on, my friend stopped me and smartly suggested that I simply make a goal to write SOMETHING each day, for thirty days.  Even if what I write amounts to something just short of driveling blather, I will have still gone through the exercise of making writing a habit, which is key to changing one’s behavior patterns.  After all, not everything you write should be held to Pulitzer Prize standards.  Nothing too wordy or too complex, but just a simple “thought of the day” type of post – an exercise designed to get me to thinking about writing in a small way each day.

And so begins the 30 for 30 challenge.

Starting today, and for 30 days hence, I will write one post a day about….something.  They posts will most likely be pithy and to the point, but they will at least be a written expression of my thoughts on a particular subject for that day.  Who knows, maybe the spirit will catch me and I’ll go on for hours. We’ll see.

The goal in this is not to win any blogging awards.  I’m pretty certain I’m not the first to have an idea like this. There are 30 for 30 day challenges abounding online. My hope is that it will spur on further blog ideas, and more importantly motivation for future writing.  It is ultimately a public form of writing therapy and practice.  If someone reads it and gets something out of it along the way, all the better.

Here we go!

Day 1 – Air Travel

Day 2 – Do Something

Day 3 – The Holiday Emotions Cycle

Day 4 – Fear, Faith, Fundamentalism, and Doubt (part 1 of 2)

Day 5 – Fear, Faith, Fundamentalism, and Doubt (part 2 of 2)

Day 6 – Five Priorities for the New Year

Day 7 – 30 for 30 Challenge – One week update

Day 8 – Enjoying Your Apartment

Day 9 – Art versus Entertainment

Day 10 – Early Riser

Day 11 – On death

Day 12 – Overly connected?

Day 13 – Five Books that Changed How I View the World

Day 14 – Five Books that Will Make You an Informed Citizen

Day 15 – Inspiration for Every Writer

Day 16 – Three Essential Books to Achieving Happy Relationships

Day 17 – Just Because It’s Monday

Day 18 – Reflections on Taking Risk

Day 19 – What Every Politician is the Master of… 

Day 20 – What’s in a Word?

Day 21 – Pressing on – (the home stretch)

Day 22 – Have we reached peak cynicism?

Day 23 – Why is Everyone so Busy?!

Day 24 – Black Mirror: A Look at Our Dystopian Future Selves

Day 25 – A New Financial Mindset

Day 26 – 10 Netflix Documentaries for People Who Would Rather Read

Day 27 – This Post is NOT About Sarah Palin

Day 28 – Thoughts on Finding Meaning

Day 29 – Snow Day!

Day 30 – What I Learned from 30 Days of Writing