What I learned from leaving Facebook.

I have not been on Facebook now since December 2015. I wrote about the reasons why I was leaving it in an earlier post. I would say there are both upsides and downsides to not having Facebook. However, the good far outweighs the bad.

Here are some general observations since leaving the site:

  • Most people cannot stand being idle: I notice how busy people are with their phones more now. In fact, whenever I glance over at someone’s phone while they are standing in line, or simply standing somewhere, they are more often than not scrolling through Facebook.
  • I have more free time to read and write: I was spending on average an hour or two every day on Facebook. Since getting off of Facebook, I have been reading a lot more, and actually back into a writing routine.
  • I have LESS anxiety about what I might be missing: One of my biggest worries about getting off of Facebook was that I would miss out on important news or information about my friends and family.  The opposite has happened instead. I actually am not worried at all, and I still hear from family and friends (the ones I want to hear from).
  • I still hear about funny stuff on Facebook : Why?  Because when something really catches on, and people are talking about it, I end up hearing about it anyway.  So in a way, my friends are filtering out the really good stuff for me. 🙂
  • I still see pictures of family and friends:  The one thing I did like about Facebook were the pictures of family and friends. There is a solution to still getting those – Instagram.  Now I get all the fun pictures, minus the political commentary.

I’m curious to hear from you!  Have you deleted Facebook and not looked back?  What have you learned from the experience? What did you fear would come true but didn’t?  Any surprising discoveries?

I also want to hear from people who have been contemplating the idea, but have yet to make the move for whatever reason.  What keeps you from clicking “deactivate”?


Author: Zack Hayhurst

New Yorker enthusiast, cartoon caption contest contender, book hoarder, cultural omnivore, writer

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