Day 18 – Reflections on Taking Risk

(This post is part of the 30 for 30 Challenge)

Yesterday, I participated in an alumni organized professional development teleconference.  The topic of conversation was “risk”, the different facets surrounding the concept, and our personal approach to taking risk, or not. I was asked to think back to a time when I took a large risk, and how I approached making the decision. My immediate first thought was that of deciding to go to graduate school.

Going to graduate school was a very big risk for me.  At the time I got the idea in my head, I was enjoying a full-time cushy government job, with a pension, and a capped 40-hour work week. Sure, life was a little beige and boring, but at least it was fairly secure and predictable. I decided to leave all of this, take on tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, and pursue a career path in field fraught with uncertainty and financial woes – the Arts. Some might call this a risky decision. That being said, I probably couldn’t have picked a better time to return to school.  It was the midst of the economic recession that hit hard in late 2008/early 2009, and everyone was reassessing their professional worth.
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