Day 8 – Enjoying Your Apartment

(This post is part of the 30 for 30 Challenge).

Due to where the New Year holiday fell this year, I’ve been blessed with a few extra days away from the daily grind.  Whenever this happens I typically take the opportunity to enjoy some time in my apartment.   Since during the week I tend to only spend the last few hours of the day here (i.e., bed time), the times when I can actually spend an entire day at home are rare and appreciated. The cycle of it all reminds me of a line from Steven Sondheim’s musical, Company, where the main character Robert explains to April (a cute girl he just brought home) that,

I’ve always liked my apartment buy I’m never really in it. I just seem to pass through the living room, on my way to the bedroom to go to the bathroom to get ready to go out again.

Sadly, this is mostly the case for me as well.

On those rare occasions when I find myself at home for a few days, I take the opportunity to reset and regroup.

If you’re like me, you operate daily in a world of extreme subtlety. Most jobs today (like mine) are filled with work that, by the end of the day, one often looks back and thinks, “What the hell did I just do?”.  For most modern careers, the fruits of labor are highly abstract and only occasionally tangible.  As such, one is often left with a desire for more concreteness in one’s life. Surprisingly enough, one can often find these results from small, everyday activities at home. Continue reading “Day 8 – Enjoying Your Apartment”